Lease To Own

Credit not so great?

At Colfax, you can still have the furniture you love!

Our Lease To Own plan lets you enjoy your new furniture right away, and you’ll even build a better credit score*. We’ve partnered with AcceptanceNOW┬« to make it easy for you to shop with ease and confidence.

– No Credit needed

– No long term obligation

– Early purchase options let you own your furniture any time you want

Apply Now!

Apply from the comfort of your home with our short online application, and you can be pre-approved before you even come to our store. Just click the APPLY NOW link on the right, select the Colfax Furniture and Mattress store you’ll be visiting, and answer a few questions.

The entire pre-approval process is quick, easy and hassle free – and soon you’ll be shopping with confidence for the furniture you love at Colfax!


*Your credit score will improve as you continue to make your affordable monthly payments on time.